Here's What Our Happy Customers Are Saying....


Deb H. writes...
  Tom and his staff are great to work with!

Grant Levanen writes...
  This machine has been a real time saver for my small fabrication business. I purchased it in 2013 and it has performed flawlessly with no trouble. It has a great selection of accessories. The people at Metalpro have been helpful and pleasant to deal with.

Jeff Hurley writes...
  I bought the Metalpro 4000, with the 8" brake and the basic set of punches. I did cut the stand down and added a set of castors with brakes on one end. It cuts and punches as advertised. The brake is awsome. It meets all my expectations and is a lot of bang for the buck. I would recommend this to anybody, the bigger Metalpro 4500FS Ironworker would be nice as would the foot switch, but for the money it cannot be touched. If you can afford the foot switch in the FS model it would be nice, but if you have light use the handle is handy and works great.

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