Hydraulic Tube & Pipe Benders

Machines above the curve and under your budget.

MetalPro tube and pipe benders offer superior quality with an easy price tag.

Without compromising on ability, our line of tube an dpipe benders will do anything our competitors can do-but without breaking the bank. Our benders are built with our customers in mind, a no-frills solution to pipe and tube bending.

With a wide capacity range and tooling options, our line of benders will take what you throw at them.

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MP9000$2,999.00 MSRP
METALpro Hydraulic 90 Degree Pipe Bender MP9000
$2,999.00 MSRP
Capacity12 US Tons
Motor110V 3/4 HP
Operating Weight250 lbs
Speed2 strokes/min
MP9500$3,325.00 MSRP
METALpro Hydraulic 180 Degree Tube & Pipe Bender MP9500
$3,325.00 MSRP
Capacity12 US Tons
Motor110V 3/4 HP
Operating Weight325 lbs
Speed2 strokes/min
Capacity12 US Tons12 US Tons
Motor110V 3/4 HP110V 3/4 HP
Operating Weight250325
Speed2 strokes/min2 strokes/min